What causes ice dams in gutters?

What causes ice dams in gutters?

Winter is coming and what is waiting is snow everywhere, including on the roofs.

Do you know what to do to prevent ice buildup on the roof?

The University of Minnesota Extension Service describes an ice dam as “an ice ridge that forms on the edge of a roof and prevents melted snow from dripping on the roof.”

While the gutters are designed to prevent water from your roof to the ground, the ice dam keeps the water at the edge of the roof, causing leaks and rot.

When snow falls on the roof or ice forms on the roof, it can form water and slide along the roof, causing problems. But how to get rid of ice dams?

You can get rid of it by removing snow from your roof, but if you do it with force you can damage the roof, ideally with a broom gently, or solve the problems that cause it.

Roof heating that leads to ice dams, which can be done to prevent this and reduce roof heating sources by adding insulation to block air leaks.

Gutter guards prevent leaves and other debris from clogging the gutter and resulting in water and ice backups in the gutter. Heating systems keep the water warm by preventing ice from accumulating.