EV Charger Installation Tips

EV Charger Installation Tips

There are some precautions to be taken to avoid blowing a fuse while charging your EV, here are some useful tips.

If your home has a 100 A panel, you will need to upgrade to a 200 A panel before using the EV Level 2 charger. It is very important to know if there is enough space for this panel and make sure the installation is properly done.

Virtually every home in the US is known to receive 240 V split phase service, but sometimes an Electrical Panel Upgrade is necessary before installing your charger.

Wiring is usually required for external EV charger installation.

Make sure you choose a charger with a good wall plug.

Plug-in chargers must be manually connected to your charging port whenever you are, as unplugged charging allows standalone charging.

A level 2 charger can help you get the most out of your amazing space car and all from the comfort of your own home.

The plug less is a premium charger that offers massive convenience in the ownership of an EV, but also requires experience in order to have it properly installed.

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